Customer Centricity Index

A compelling CX vision within a company serves as a guiding beacon, offering purpose, and strategic alignment. It provides direction and alignment for a company as it clearly defines the experience everyone should be aiming to deliver for its customers. It should serve as a source of inspiration to guide the development of new products, services and experiences as well as providing practical ways to bring that vision to life. 
A well-defined vision offers companies a way to ensure that the brand promises they make to their customers are actually delivered through the services and experiences they deliver. This provides the foundation for sustainable growth and enduring success.

To create a compelling vision, organisations must first tackle the initial hurdle of understanding where they currently stand. That’s why we’ve created our new Customer-Centricity Index.

Shaped by extensive research and hands-on involvement, this tool provides a complete view of how well aligned your organisation is with a vision-led approach, providing you with a baseline to help you understand where you are today. 

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You'll be assessed on six key aspects of customer-centricity


Strategic Direction & Commitment

Does your organisation possess a clear and actionable customer experience vision and strategy, which sits at the front and centre of all decisions?


Culture & Management

Does everyone within your organisation understand and effectively use the customer experience strategy?


Enabling Delivery

Do all of your tools, training, incentives, and processes align to enable your team to meet current and future needs of your customers?


Understanding Customers & Their World

Does your organisation understand your customers' needs, attitudes, and behaviours and know how to use that data to improve your services?


Experience Design & Development

Is each change you implement in the business linked to, and does it advance, your customer experience strategy?


Delivery Quality & Assurances

Do you regularly assess how your service delivery aligns with customer needs? Is it reliable and does it exceed expectations across channels?

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