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A customer experience (CX) vision is a clear, inspirational statement that outlines an organisation’s commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences across all touch-points. A vision outlines the aspirational future and serves as a guiding beacon, providing clarity and direction for the entire organisation by offering a common purpose for employees, stakeholders, and customers to rally behind. A well-defined vision inspires innovation, sparks creativity, and acts as a litmus test for decision-making, ensuring that actions are aligned with the overarching objectives. So what does it take to create a clear and compelling vision?

Take our 5-minute Customer-Centricity Index assessment to find out how well your organisation is with a vision-led approach.

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We’ve been exploring the realm of CX visions through a series of blog posts and podcast episodes. Learn more below. 

Be vision-led, be successful

The landscape of business is ever-evolving and success is often more than just profit margins and market share. A clear and compelling vision becomes profoundly important in the journey of building and scaling a thriving business.

A well defined vision becomes the north star that guides a business towards innovation, growth and impact. However, a company’s vision should not be static; a successful business is one that recognises the need to reinvent itself with the changing needs of its customers.

We delve into this concept by examining the journey of a renowned brand, Nike, which exemplifies the power of a vision-led strategy in transforming customer experience and achieving enduring success.

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The power of a compelling vision in business: Lessons from Amul and The Body Shop

Setting your vision is one thing, but its success lies in the story you tell around it. 

We’re told stories everyday – in films, on TV, in books and by friends or family. Businesses also tell us stories, and the ones that hook us in are the ones that connect with us and our values.

However, it’s not sufficient to merely be adept storytellers; businesses must deliver on their stories, turning them into tangible experiences that resonate with customers.

This article explores how Amul and The Body Shop have done more than weave compelling narratives; they have transformed these visions into symbols of shared values and beliefs, driving innovation in service, product, and experience design.

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Customer Experience Design - CX Vision Podcast Series

If you’d like to learn more about crafting a compelling vision, tune into our podcast series where our host, Oliver King, explores the transformative power of CX visions in modern business.  

In each episode, we delve into fundamental concepts of CX visions, including what they are and how they contribute to business success, how to craft a compelling vision, and embedding your vision and measuring its success through key metrics such as Net Promoter Score and customer retention rates. 

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Big visions don’t require big consultancies to bring them to life.

As pioneers of Connected Service Design, our service design geeks and creatives have been integrating technology, people and places with our clients since 2001. We use our Service Design System to find what your customer love and create award-winning service experiences that your organisation is motivated to deploy.

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Navigating the Race: How to Adapt to the Challenge of Shifting Customer Demands

Unsure how to use your vision and strategic ambition to guide the creation of the right services and experiences for customers?

Can’t envision how to move beyond strategic planning to experience design and operations?

Unsure which are the right technologies to deliver your experience?

These are just a few of the barriers which might be holding you back from success when it comes to crafting an integrated customer experience. Change is inevitable, especially when it comes to customer expectations. Balancing staying ahead of the curve without overwhelming your organisation can be tricky - but not impossible!

Download our eBook to discover 6 common barriers we see when it comes to meeting shifting consumer demands, and learn our top tips on how to overcome them. You’ll learn how to leverage customer and data insights with technology integration to create an unforgettable journey for customers across all touchpoints.

Book Cover

Book Cover

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